Q: I received an email inviting me to an exchange, but when I log in:
    It says I'm not part of any groups -or-

    The group I was invited to isn't showing.

A: xMas xChange associates users to exchange groups by email address. If you register using a different email address than the one your exchange manager used when they invited you, we won't know you are the same person.

To fix this, either let your exchange manager know that you are using a different email address, -OR- register with the same email address your exchange manager used when they invited you.

Q: I need to change my wish list, but assignments have already been communicated.
    Can I still make changes?

    How do I notify my Santa?

A: You can make changes to your wish list at ANY TIME!
If you add or change your wish list after assignments have been communicated, xMas xChange will email the changes directly to your Santa so they will know you made modifications.

Q: Why do I have to register?

A: One of the features of xMas xChange is that we will manage communication between exchange managers and participants. We will invite people to join, send them reminders (as requested by the manager), and communicate assignments.

In order to do this, we need to make sure we have a valid email address, AND we want to ensure that the person signing up is who they say they are. To do this, we need you to register and verify your email before you can use the system.

Q: How do I change my password?

How do I change my email address?

A: To change any of your account information, click your user name in the top menu, then click "Edit Account Info".
If you change your email address, we will automatically update it across all the exchanges you participate in, so you do not need to notify your exchange manager. This update only works AFTER you have registered with an email address your exchange manager used.

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